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Becoming an insider in this business is no longer just for the elite. Romans Racing provides opportunities for this growing facet of horse ownership. With the assistance of the Romans team, people with little or no experience can enjoy one of the most exciting sports around. Our extensive knowledge and experience of buying and training champions makes for ideal partnerships that get results!

Partnerships enable enthusiasts to share in the excitement for a fraction of the cost. They also provide an opportunity for people who are curious about committing to sole ownership to get an education before investing significant resources to build their own stable.


Cost Considerations, Minimizing Risk
Some owner-partners may choose to invest in multiple horses at smaller rates to minimize risk. This is another ownership scenario that provides more opportunities for action.

Some of the Race Day Privileges
Enjoy the camaraderie with your partners and other racing management staff. Gather in the paddock before the race to see your horse saddled and greet the trainer and jockey. Watch the race from box seating. And, of course, celebrate in the winner's circle with your horse and your team.

Contact Us
Romans Racing values the personal relationships we have with owners. Contact Laura Hernan with any questions and to discuss your goals.


Also, be sure to investigate current partnership opportunities with

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